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Unilluminated Magnifiers

Simple unilluminated magnifiers are a great tool for working in sufficient light.

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Levenhuk LabZZ MG1 Magnifier with Compass

Handheld magnifier. Magnification: 3/8x. Lens diameter: 60/16mm

Levenhuk LabZZ MG1 Magnifier with Compass is an optical device necessary for all young investigators. Only a powerful magnifier can help to examine the shell of a bug or the surface of an unusual mineral, to find a clue ...More
Levenhuk LabZZ MG3 Magnifier with Compass

Handheld magnifier. Magnification: 3/8x. Lens diameter: 90/23mm

Levenhuk LabZZ MG3 Magnifier with Compass will be indispensable for any little scientist interested in exploring their surroundings and discovering flora and fauna. This magnifier allows observing insects or the surface ...More
Levenhuk LabZZ C3 Insects Can

Magnification: 5x. Diameter: 38mm. For children from 3 to 12 years old

Levenhuk LabZZ C3 Insects Can is a researching tool for the young scientist. This transparent container is made of plastic and has a 5x magnifier in its lid. Various objects can be put inside and examined under magnifica...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M1 Magnifier
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M1 Magnifier is a regular one-eye magnifying device. You can mount it on a table or fix it on your eye. It is the perfect tool for short-term studying of small items, surface defects, texts, illustratio...More
Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G0 Magnifying glasses

Magnification: 1.5–3.5x. 3 interchangeable lenses

Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G0 Magnifying glasses are the perfect companion for people who work with small objects. The lenses are fixed on the glasses frame, leaving both hands free for reading, scrutinizing pictures, needlewor...More
Levenhuk LabZZ C1 Insect Can

Magnification: 6/3х. Diameter: 45/35 mm. For children from 3 to 12 years old.

Levenhuk LabZZ C1 Insect Сan is a simple aid that will impress and fascinate young researchers. All sorts of different bugs, butterflies and other insects can be placed in this can with see-through glass walls in order t...More
Levenhuk Zeno 100 Magnifier, 2.5/5x, 78/19 mm, Metal photo

Magnification: 2.5/5x. Diameter: 78/19 mm

Levenhuk Zeno 100 Magnifier is a stylish and practical tool with two lenses: the main lens yields magnification of 2.5x, while the smaller inset lens provides a powerful 5x magnification. This comes in very handy when wo...More
Levenhuk Zeno Desk D1 Magnifier

Magnification: 3x. Flexible neck. Clamp

Levenhuk Zeno Desk D1 Magnifier is an optical device for comfortable longtime work with small items. You can fix it on a table, shelf or any other surface over the field of view, using a special clamp. Levenhuk Zeno Desk...More

Simple classic magnifiers in Levenhuk online store

If you are looking for a simple classic magnifying glass – you’ve found what you need. The section includes quality magnifiers for everyday use. These magnifiers are excellent for reading fine print in books, maps and documents when natural illumination or an external light source provide the desired level of illumination. Levenhuk unilluminated magnifiers also have a special feature – they consist of two lenses. The small insect lens provides higher magnification power so you can see even the smallest details of observed objects.

Unilluminated magnifiers do not have any additional light source – so if you know that you will need to work in dim light conditions, consider our illuminated magnifiers. But if external illumination is enough, then the unilluminated magnifier is the best choice; it doesn’t require any power source and has a lighter weight due to lack of batteries. Magnifiers without illumination are also more affordable compared to illuminated models. All Levenhuk unilluminated magnifiers are handheld, and we made sure to design the handles to be comfortable to hold.

Best unilluminated magnifiers for reading

If you are looking for simple magnifiers for reading books and newspapers – here’s exactly what you need. As we have already mentioned above, these magnifiers don’t have additional illumination, which can be considered a plus – if you read in a room with sufficient lighting, you won’t need it anyway, and you can save some money on batteries. Plus, such magnifiers for reading are usually cheaper since their construction is a bit simpler. The rimless design of Levenhuk unilluminated magnifiers for reading allows you to view clearly to the edge of the lens which is also very convenient.

Levenhuk unilluminated magnifiers presented in this section are made of high-quality materials and are produced to the highest standards. The acrylic lenses ensure sharp, clear images without distortions. The metal handles provide for additional sturdiness. Their elegant design pleases the eye. The magnifiers are equipped with ergonomic handles that are convenient and comfortable to grip over extended periods of use. We guarantee the highest quality of our handheld unilluminated magnifiers, their reliability, and long service life.

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