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Powerful Magnifiers

Powerful Levenhuk magnifiers yield sharp and crystal clear images without any aberrations. A perfect choice for everyone who has to work with small text fonts and images with lots of tiny details.

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Levenhuk Zeno Gem M5 Magnifier

Magnification: 40x. LED illumination

The compact Levenhuk Zeno Gem M5 Magnifier is a powerful optical device for daily use. This device provides 40x magnification and allows examining the tiniest breakage of any type of surface, reading fine print or scruti...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M7 Magnifier

Magnification: 45x. LED and UV illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M7 Magnifier is a compact folding device. You can use it not only for detailed examination, but also for paper currency verification. The magnifier has dual illumination: LED is ideal for work in the da...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M9 Magnifier

Magnification: 30x. LED illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M9 Magnifier is a reliable optical tool for examining small items and text. This magnifier features a 21mm glass lens and impact-resistant metal shell. Protected from accidental damage, the lens provide...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M11 Magnifier

Magnification: 40x. LED and UV illumination.

The folding Levenhuk Zeno Gem M11 Magnifier is great for a jeweler, collector, watchmaker or anyone who works with cash or small objects. This tool features 40x power magnification and two built-in illuminations. You can...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier

Magnification: 30–60x. LED and UV illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier is a compact loupe with two lenses. The first lens yields magnification of 30x; the second one has switchable magnifications of 45x and 60x. Both lenses are made of optical plastic and ren...More
Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G1 Magnifying Glasses

Monocular magnifying glasses. LED illumination. Magnification: 20x.

Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G1 Magnifying Glasses - is a convenient instrument for working with small objects. The magnifier has a 20x lens and built-in LED illumination. The lens can be moved left-right on the rim (relative to ...More
Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G2 Magnifying Glasses

LED illumination. Magnification: 20x.

Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G2 Magnifying Glasses are designed for high precision work of any level of complexity. These magnifying glasses are worn the same way as regular glasses, which allows for prolonged work without any di...More
Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED Magnifier, 10x, 30 mm, Metal picture

LED illumination. Magnification: 10x. Diameter: 30 mm

Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED Magnifier is a practical and reliable tool for those who often work with texts and images. Its design and powerful 10x magnification allow you to see even the smallest details of objects. The yielde...More
Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier, 3.5x, 56 mm, Metal description

LED illumination. Magnification: 3.5x. Diameter: 56 mm

Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier is a compact and practical magnifier that will come in handy for many things, be it reading a newspaper or studying elaborate engravings, observing insects or doing needlework. ...More

Choose a perfect powerful magnifier in the official Levenhuk online store

A powerful magnifier (a magnifier with magnification over 3x) may be useful for those who need to carefully inspect minerals, gemstones, jewelry, complex mechanisms, etc., or work with extra fine fonts or images. Levenhuk powerful magnifiers feature classic design with a handle. These quality hand held magnifiers have high magnification, quality optics, and compact dimensions.

As you probably know, the more powerful a magnifier is, the smaller its lens diameter. Therefore, while providing high magnification, powerful magnifiers have compact or even very small dimensions. So here you need to find a compromise between how many times closer you want to see even the smallest details of observed objects and the size of the area you want to cover at one time. Usually really strong magnifiers are only applied to observations of very small objects or details, while for everyday use less powerful magnifiers (providing medium or low magnification) are used. Smart shoppers like having a good powerful magnifying glass for reading small but very important texts on products’ labels. It’s also great to have a powerful magnifier when signing contracts or other documents and papers. We wouldn’t, however, recommend using powerful magnifiers for reading a book or a magazine, since medium powered magnifiers with magnifications of 2x or 3x are usually enough for reading printed texts with proper font size.

Powerful 10x magnifying glass in Levenhuk online store

Levenhuk hand held magnifiers presented in this section of our catalog have magnifications of 3.5x to 10x. 10x magnification is considered really strong for a magnifier. But above average magnification is not the only advantage. Handles and frames of these powerful hand held magnifiers are made of metal, making each of them a reliable instrument and ensuring long service life. The handles are easy and comfortable to hold and provide for a firm and reliable grip.

Levenhuk Zeno 700 and more hand held magnifiers

The Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED magnifier also allows you to use it without holding the instrument. This 10x magnifying glass features a special support at the end of its handle that keeps the magnifier stable and allows you to work hands-free. Levenhuk powerful magnifiers are also equipped with LED lights, which provide sufficient illumination at an exceptionally low energy consumption level, guaranteeing you won’t have to change batteries anytime soon. By the way, batteries are included in the kit with every model. Levenhuk 10x magnifying glass, as well as other Levenhuk magnifiers, is quite compact and lightweight, making using and transporting the tool convenient and almost effortless. To make using these magnifiers even more comfortable, all of them come with special zipped cases.

Buy quality and affordable powerful magnifiers in Levenhuk online store!