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Pocket Magnifiers

Lightweight and compact magnifiers for everyday use will easily fit into your pocket, purse or handbag. Here you will also find unique “flat” magnifier that you can carry even in your wallet.

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Levenhuk Zeno Gem M1 Magnifier
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M1 Magnifier is a regular one-eye magnifying device. You can mount it on a table or fix it on your eye. It is the perfect tool for short-term studying of small items, surface defects, texts, illustratio...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M3 Magnifier

Magnification: 6x. LED illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M3 Magnifier is a compact tool with LED illumination. It is usable for short-term examination of any type of small object: texts, pictures, microchips, surface defects, or jewelry. This magnifier will b...More
Levenhuk Zeno Vizor N1 Neck Magnifier

LED illumination. Magnification: 4x/10x.

Compact Levenhuk Zeno Vizor N1 Neck Magnifier will be a loyal assistant in your everyday life and when traveling. Due to compactness and included neck strap, the magnifier is very portable and easy to take with you where...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M5 Magnifier

Magnification: 40x. LED illumination

The compact Levenhuk Zeno Gem M5 Magnifier is a powerful optical device for daily use. This device provides 40x magnification and allows examining the tiniest breakage of any type of surface, reading fine print or scruti...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M7 Magnifier

Magnification: 45x. LED and UV illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M7 Magnifier is a compact folding device. You can use it not only for detailed examination, but also for paper currency verification. The magnifier has dual illumination: LED is ideal for work in the da...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M9 Magnifier

Magnification: 30x. LED illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M9 Magnifier is a reliable optical tool for examining small items and text. This magnifier features a 21mm glass lens and impact-resistant metal shell. Protected from accidental damage, the lens provide...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M11 Magnifier

Magnification: 40x. LED and UV illumination.

The folding Levenhuk Zeno Gem M11 Magnifier is great for a jeweler, collector, watchmaker or anyone who works with cash or small objects. This tool features 40x power magnification and two built-in illuminations. You can...More
Levenhuk Zeno 90 Fresnel Lens, 2.5x, 48/45 mm, Metal description

LED illumination. Magnification: 2.5x. Lens dimensions: 48/45 mm

Levenhuk Zeno 90 Fresnel Lens is a lightweight and compact lens perfect for small-font texts and intricate images. Its 2.5x magnification allows people with some level of myopia to read books and newspapers. The Fresnel ...More
Levenhuk Zeno Desk D0 Magnifier

Magnification: 6x. LED illumination. Measuring scale

Levenhuk Zeno Desk D0 Magnifier is an indispensable assistant for those who do handicrafts. It can be mounted on a table and is mainly used as a textile magnifying glass. This model is also highly suitable for jewelry, r...More
Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier

Magnification: 30–60x. LED and UV illumination

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier is a compact loupe with two lenses. The first lens yields magnification of 30x; the second one has switchable magnifications of 45x and 60x. Both lenses are made of optical plastic and ren...More
Levenhuk Zeno Multi ML3 Magnifier

Folding magnifier with three built-in lenses. LED and ultraviolet illumination. Magnification: 30/35/55x

Levenhuk Zeno Multi is a compact and lightweight magnifier that is ideal for studying small objects and reading small font texts. LED and ultraviolet illuminations are installed in the magnifier. Select suitable illumina...More
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Compact pocket magnifiers in the official Levenhuk online store

You never know when you are going to need a magnifier: fine print is very widespread these days, starting from newspapers and brochures and ending with menus at cafes and restaurants. It’s especially important to read all notes and footnotes before you sign anything. With pocket magnifiers reading becomes accessible in any situation. But magnifiers are not just useful for reading. The need to take a closer look at small objects or details of large objects occurs very often. For example, it’s wise to carefully observe the product you want to buy in the mall before purchasing it. And of course you always need to carry a magnifier with you if you are into hobbies like collecting things, observing insects, modeling, embroidering or other types of crafting.

If you recognize yourself from this text or can imagine being in one of the described situations, then what you need is a good pocket magnifier. A magnifier is indeed a very useful tool, but it wouldn’t be very convenient to always carry around a large magnifier that takes up a lot of space. In contrast, if you buy a pocket magnifier, which is small and weightless, you will be able to put it in your pocket and always have it with you wherever you are. Though pocket magnifiers usually have low or medium magnification, the increase they provide is absolutely enough for reading and usually quite enough for observations on the go.

In this section of our catalog you can choose and buy a great pocket magnifier that’s reliable and comfortable to use. Levenhuk magnifiers are made of metal and equipped with LED illumination for observations under low-light conditions and even in the dark. For example, Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier is a wonderful example of a quality pocket magnifier with LED light. Its compact size allows you to take it with you wherever you go, and the LED illumination lets you work in dim light conditions. Here you can also find a wonderful wallet magnifier, which is not only lightweight and compact, but also very thin, and allows you to carry it in your wallet. Pocket magnifiers with light come with the batteries for illumination already included in the kit. Batteries are easily installed in the folding compartment of a pocket magnifier. You won’t, however, need to replace batteries often, since built-in LED lights are very energy-efficient.