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Levenhuk LabZZ Magnifiers

Bug and spider lovers will definitely appreciate Levenhuk LabZZ Insect Can. You can easily place an insect inside and observe without hurting the insect or being afraid that it may bite you or your child. The insect can is equipped with a built-in magnifying lens that will help you observe objects in great detail.
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Levenhuk LabZZ MG1 Magnifier with Compass

Magnification: 3x/8x. Lens diameter: 60/16mm. Built-in compass

Levenhuk LabZZ MG1 Magnifier with Compass is an optical device necessary for all young investigators. Only a powerful magnifier can help to examine the shell of a bug or the surface of an unusual mine...More
Levenhuk LabZZ C3 Insects Can

Magnification: 5x. Lens diameter: 38mm. For children from 3 to 12 years old

Levenhuk LabZZ C3 Insects Can is a researching tool for the young scientist. This transparent container is made of plastic and has a 5x magnifier in its lid. Various objects can be put inside and exam...More
Levenhuk LabZZ C1 Insect Can

Magnification: 6x/3x. Lens diameter: 45/35mm. For children from 3 to 12 years old

Levenhuk LabZZ C1 Insect Сan is a simple aid that will impress and fascinate young researchers. All sorts of different bugs, butterflies and other insects can be placed in this can with see-through gl...More
Levenhuk LabZZ MG3 Magnifier with Compass

Magnification: 3x/8x. Lens diameter: 90/23mm. Built-in compass

Levenhuk LabZZ MG3 Magnifier with Compass will be indispensable for any little scientist interested in exploring their surroundings and discovering flora and fauna. This magnifier allows observing ins...More
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Magnifying insect can – a wonderful device for kids’ explorations

Kids love exploring their surroundings and, especially, small unknown creatures and objects. It is important to support their desire to grow as researchers and let them learn more about the world around us – even the smaller parts of it. If you notice that a kid enjoys observing tiny insects, or bugs, surprise a little explorer!

Consider purchasing amazing Levenhuk LabZZ magnifiers – Levenhuk LabZZ C1 Insect Сan or Levenhuk LabZZ C3 Insect Can! These cans will definitely fuel kids’ interest in research and make their studies and everyday activities more exciting! Levenhuk LabZZ Insect Cans are completely safe to use – even the youngest researchers will find them easy and convenient to manage. The convenient magnifying insect can is designed for kids and is basically a can with see-through plastic walls topped with a built-in magnifying cap. Ordinary magnifiers are not perfect for studying tiny living things – you cannot provide a steady position of an insect and it can quickly get away or you may lose sight of it. That is not the case with Levenhuk LabZZ Insect Cans – your specimen will be securely fixed in there. For the most inquisitive explorers, there is a measuring grid on the bottom of a can. You may easily take the dimensions of the studied living thing or a specimen placed inside the device. Besides, kids will be able to share their discovery with parents and friends and study it together. And Levenhuk LabZZ C3 Insect Can is equipped with a strap, to conveniently wear it around the neck. Levenhuk insect can is a simple yet entertaining and educational magnifier. Find more fascinating optical devices for kids and teenagers in the Levenhuk online store.