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All Levenhuk Telescope Cameras

Levenhuk telescope digital cameras are a perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at astrophotography. You can take stunning pictures, create video clips and even observe a faraway galaxy on your PC screen in real-time! These cameras are very practical and very easy to use, and the stunning images will capture the memories of your journey through distant space.

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Select a quality astrophotography camera in Levenhuk online store

Levenhuk telescope camera is designed for use with telescopes of all brands and any optical design. Our cameras will allow you to capture the unique sights of space objects - from the planets and their satellites to distant stars and galaxies. You can easily and quickly install this camera and connect it to a PC or your laptop. With such a wonderful telescope digital camera you will get good contrast, and bright and vivid pictures of space objects. By the way, microphotography can sometimes be even more fascinating than astrophotography, so if you are interested in capturing stunning microworld views, choose a great microscope camera in Levenhuk online store.

Turn your instrument into a wonderful astrophotography telescope with Levenhuk

When equipped with a digital camera, telescope becomes a great instrument for astrophotography. You need to install this camera for telescope in place of an eyepiece and you will be able to not only take great pictures but also save them to your computer for future editing or storage. Also, this telescope camera allows you to observe deep-sky objects in real time on the screen.

Levenhuk astrophotography camera is a very useful accessory that significantly expands your possibilities. With our astrophotography camera you can enjoy not only visual observations, but also make wonderful astro photos and share them with friends. Our cameras have white balance, exposure, brightness and other controls, which help you achieve maximum sharpness and clarity of produced photos. Levenhuk ToupView software (included in the kit) allows you to edit received images on your PC. Please note that Levenhuk cameras are compatible with Linux and Mac operating systems – check product descriptions for more information on compatibility of Levenhuk cameras with your OS of choice or contact us with your OS platform and version number. Levenhuk telescope cameras turn regular instruments into quality astrophotography telescopes that allow for capturing astonishing cosmic views and sharing this beauty with the world. Capture the infinite beauty of the Cosmos with Levenhuk telescope cameras!