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All Levenhuk Microscope Cameras

Digital cameras for microscopes are used to display images on the PC display. They are able to capture even the slightest changes and nuances undetectable by the human eye. Thus, microscope digital cameras are essential tools for conducting research in laboratories and scientific institutes. These cameras can also be installed on amateur microscopes in order to save the results of your observations. Levenhuk microscope cameras are compatible with all types of microscopes: biological, laboratory, instrumental and others.

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Capture astonishing micro-world views with Levenhuk microscope digital camera

Whether you need to capture the micro views for a professional purpose or just enjoy microscopy as a hobby, microscope digital camera will allow you to share the stunning images you get with your colleagues and friends. All of the digital camera models presented in our catalog also feature a video recording option that extends your researching abilities. Note that every Levenhuk USB microscope camera can be connected to a PC via USB 2.0 interface; the cable is already included in the kit. All the required drivers and software (including special editing software) are also included in the kit. Levenhuk digital cameras for microscopes come with a detailed user manual, so using them won’t be any problem even for a beginner. Among the models you can find cameras compatible not only with the most user-popular operating system, Microsoft Windows, but also models that will work with the more specialist-oriented Linux and Mac OS platforms.

Each Levenhuk C NG microscope camera comes with two additional adapters (23.2–30mm and 23.2–30.5mm) so that you can also set these cameras on 30-mm and 30.5-mm eyepiece tubes. This useful article will give you a full understanding of their compatibility with Levenhuk microscopes.

Purchase a quality microscope camera in Levenhuk online store

This section contains a wide range of quality microscope digital cameras, so you can certainly find the model that will match your budget as well as your requirements to the quality and resolution of the pictures and videos needed for your purpose. With its sensitive electronics and high-quality optics, a microscope camera from Levenhuk always produces clear and sharp images. All elements are made of the highest quality materials and serve for a long time – all Levenhuk cameras are covered with a lifetime warranty.