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Opera Glasses

Elegant Levenhuk opera glasses are great for all theater and opera lovers! Opera glasses are not only a very practical tool to see what is happening on the stage in sharpest details but a very stylish accessory. They are so compact and lightweight that you can carry them in the smallest purse.

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Levenhuk Broadway 325C Opera Glasses with a chain

Binoculars with a chain. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm

Levenhuk Broadway 325C lightweight and useful theater binoculars have high-quality optics. They are useful at a theater, concert or art exhibition. The opera glasses are supplied with a pouch for s...More

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Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera Glasses (with LED light and chain)

Binoculars with LED light and chain. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm.

Levenhuk Broadway 325F series – elegant theatre binoculars with LED light. The binoculars are equipped with a thin metal chain. Each model comes with a soft pouch for storage and an optics cleaning ...More

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Levenhuk Broadway 325N Opera Glasses (lorgnette with LED light)

Lorgnette with LED light. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm.

Levenhuk Broadway 325N series – elegant theatre lorgnettes with LED light. The telescopic handle allows for easy height adjustment for the user’s maximum convenience. Each model comes with a soft p...More

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Levenhuk Broadway 325L Opera Glasses

Opera glasses with a telescopic handle. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm

Levenhuk Broadway 325L Opera Glasses are stylish theater binoculars-lorgnettes with an original design. The practical telescopic handle is easily folded. It can be quickly extended and fixed in a conv...More
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Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses – Buy online at Levenhuk optical equipment store

Opera binoculars are compact and lightweight optical devices that allow true theater and opera lovers to enjoy the performance at a whole new level, as well as attract attention to their personal style, setting them apart. In this category an elegant design means as much as the quality of views.

If you still don't have one of those popular fashionable binoculars or wonder where to buy opera glasses, then on this page you can find some of the best opera glasses from Levenhuk at the most affordable prices. Here you can find wonderful optical devices of two different types: luxurious opera binoculars (Levenhuk Broadway 325F models) or noble lorgnettes (Levenhuk Broadway 325N models) depending on how you feel this evening. All Levenhuk opera glasses have built-in flashlights for additional comfort and are designed using the most splendid color combinations: black, white and red with silver and gold.

Levenhuk Broadway 325N and325F - opera glasses with light

Built-in illumination is a very convenient feature in opera glasses since it allows you to easily read the playbill or program or any printed material you might need to read in a dark theater during the performance. The light is thin and narrowly-focused so you won’t have to worry about disturbing other viewers. LED lights are known for low energy consumption and can last for several years without the need to replace batteries.

Levenhuk Broadway 325N – opera glasses with handle

Opera glasses on a handle, also known as lorgnettes, may be more comfortable to use for some due to a folding or telescopic handle attached to the binoculars body, allowing you to hold the binoculars by the handle. This way you don’t have to touch the binoculars themselves and hold your hand too close to your face. All Levenhuk Broadway 325N models have telescopic handles, meaning that you can adjust the length of the handle to the most comfortable position.