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Levenhuk Broadway Binoculars

If you can't live without theatre or opera, or just want to see in sharpest detail the performers’ display of emotions, be sure to get yourself one of the Levenhuk Broadway items. Compact, lightweight luxury, they are not only a practical tool, but a stylish accessory as well. You can choose among different classic and modern color combinations: black and silver color, gold tone and white, solid silver color, purple and light blue and gold tone and many others. The product range is extensive: from conventional lorgnettes to opera glasses with or without LED light and a chain.
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Levenhuk Broadway 325N Opera Glasses (lorgnette with LED light)

Lorgnette with LED light. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm.

Levenhuk Broadway 325N series – elegant theatre lorgnettes with LED light. The telescopic handle allows for easy height adjustment for the user’s maximum convenience. Each model comes with a soft pouch for storage and an optics cleaning wipe. The ...More

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Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera Glasses (with LED light and chain)

Binoculars with LED light and chain. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm.

Levenhuk Broadway 325F series – elegant theatre binoculars with LED light. The binoculars are equipped with a thin metal chain. Each model comes with a soft pouch for storage and an optics cleaning wipe. The packing box has a theatre-themed print....More

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Levenhuk Broadway 325L Opera Glasses

Opera glasses with a telescopic handle. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm

Levenhuk Broadway 325L Opera Glasses are stylish theater binoculars-lorgnettes with an original design. The practical telescopic handle is easily folded. It can be quickly extended and fixed in a convenient position. When folded, these miniature bino...More

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Levenhuk Broadway 325C Opera Glasses with a chain

Binoculars with a chain. Magnification: 3x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm

Levenhuk Broadway 325C lightweight and useful theater binoculars have high-quality optics. They are useful at a theater, concert or art exhibition. The opera glasses are supplied with a pouch for storage and transportation as well as a cleaning ...More

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If you are a frequent theater visitor, you already know that in order to see the all the details of the performance, you need quality theater binoculars or opera glasses (especially if you aren't lucky to get front-row tickets). Most theaters offer theatergoers an opportunity to rent a pair of opera glasses, but often their quality leaves much to be desired. And, of course, their condition can’t be very good as they pass through dozens of hands every day. So if you really love visiting the opera, theater or concerts, and you do it on a regular basis, it is much more convenient to have your own opera glasses. In that case you will always be sure that nothing will slip by your attention, not a single detail.

Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses combine classic styling traits with modern technology. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for high quality at a reasonable price. Our opera glasses are very practical, functional, reliable and beautiful at the same time. Levenhuk opera binoculars are so compact that you can put them in the smallest purse. These elegant stylish binoculars would be a great addition to your evening dress. Among the Levenhuk Broadway opera glasses selection you can find models with convenient chain-straps, as well as classic lorgnettes with telescopic handles. Most of the models are equipped with LED lights. LED bulbs provide soft, non-irritating light and consume less energy than standard incandescent lamps. This feature is indispensable when you need to find your seat or read a brochure in the dark. High-quality optics used in Levenhuk opera glasses create sharp and clear views.

A rich selection of different designs and color options allows you to choose the best opera glasses that fit your individuality and style. Enjoy the performance with Levenhuk!