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Present an astroplanetarium to a kid who enjoys observing the night sky. The beauty of the starry sky also impresses adults, that is why it will be a perfect gift for their parents as well. This device has a working principle of a projector. All you have to do is to point it toward a light surface, ceiling, or wall will do. Built-in engines rotate this device imitating the rotation of the celestial sphere, and also the program can project shooting stars. Observe the stars even on a cloudy day!
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Levenhuk Star Sky P1 Planetarium

Rotation. 6 replaceable film sets. Color mode selection

A miniature planetarium Levenhuk Star Sky P1 is the perfect decor for any interior; at night – it will also function as a unique-looking nightlight. Six replaceable film sets with different space-them...More
Levenhuk Star Sky P2 Planetarium

Rotation. 6 replaceable film sets. Color mode selection, remote control, built-in battery, music

The Levenhuk Star Sky P2 planetarium is a compact device with an interesting design and powerful functionality. It’s a great housewarming gift. The planetarium comes with six replaceable film sets, so...More
Levenhuk Star Sky P9 Planetarium

Modes: the "Star"; the "Nebulae"

The planetarium Levenhuk Star Sky P9 will please Space fans of all ages. This is an unusual space projector in the shape of an astronaut in a spacesuit. The device supports two types of projection: th...More
Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium

Modes: stars, nebulae. White noise and music playback from your smartphone. Remote control

Astroplanetarium in the shape of a marvelous dinosaur egg will amaze any child, and its functionality will surprise even adults. The device supports two types of projection: laser and LED. The laser p...More

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Levenhuk LabZZ SP20 Astroplanetarium

Projection of the stars and nebulae. Remote control

Levenhuk LabZZ SP20 is an astroplanetarium that will win the hearts of not only children but also adults. It gives you a chance to admire the stars and nebulae right in your room by simply projecting ...More

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Levenhuk LabZZ SP30 Astroplanetarium

Modes: the stars, the Northern Lights, the Moon. Playing music from a smartphone. Remote control

Levenhuk LabZZ SP30 is an astroplanetarium with a futuristic design and an excellent multimedia system. You can admire the stars and the Moon and let the Northern Lights into your home. And all of thi...More

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Discovery Star Sky P5 Planetarium

Crystal-shaped star sky projector. Color selectable projection lights function

Astroplanetarium Discovery Star Sky P5 is a star sky projector and a stylish interior decoration element. It will impress the whole family, create a unique atmosphere in the room, and amuse guests at ...More
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Discovery Star Sky P7 Planetarium

Rotating crystal-shaped starry sky projector. Color selectable lights function, remote control, and built-in battery

Discovery Star Sky P7 is an astroplanetarium with a stylish design that looks like a magic crystal. It can project an image of the starry sky on the walls and the ceiling, change the color of the proj...More
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