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Floor stand tripods

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Levenhuk Level BASE TR10 Tripod

Floor stand. Metal. Height: 420–1300mm. Load capacity: 3kg

Levenhuk Level BASE TR10 is a lightweight tripod floor stand that is convenient for trips and hiking. You can install a wide range of devices on it, including SLR cameras, camcorders, optics, illumina...More
Levenhuk Level BASE TR30 Tripod

Floor stand. Metal. Height: 300–700mm. Load capacity: 8kg

The Levenhuk Level BASE TR30 tripod is suitable for a carrying weight up to 8kg. This allows for installing quite heavy devices, e.g. oversized binoculars. The tripod is compatible with photo and vide...More
Levenhuk Level PLUS VT10 Tripod

Metal. Height: 460–1760mm. Load capacity: 2kg

The Levenhuk Level PLUS VT10 tripod's advantage is that you can transform it into a monopod whenever you want. You just need to extend and remove the center column so that it will become a monopod han...More
Levenhuk Level PLUS VT20 Tripod

Hydraulic damping system. Metal. Height: 600–1650mm. Load capacity: 10kg

The Levenhuk Level PLUS VT20 tripod's advantage is the hydraulic damping system that provides for the smoother movement of the tripod head. This is essential when recording video, as video clips will ...More
Levenhuk Level PLUS VT30 Tripod

Hydraulic damping system. Metal. Height: 300–1560mm. Load capacity: 10kg

The Levenhuk Level PLUS VT30 tripod is suitable for installing a camera, projector, optical device, or video camera. Due to its standard 1/4" thread, the tripod is compatible with most modern devices....More
Levenhuk TR150 Tripod - Exhibition Item

Height: 55-150 cm (22-59 in). Load capacity: 10 kg (22 lbs)

Exhibition copy.
The purchased item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Durable Levenhuk TR150 Tripod is suitable for any optical tool wi...More
Levenhuk Level BASE TR40 Tripod

Floor stand. Metal. Height: 440–1460mm. Load capacity: 8kg

Levenhuk Level BASE TR40 is a four-section tripod floor stand with an 8kg load capacity. Due to its 1/4" thread, it is compatible with most optics as well as photo and video equipment. The tripod is r...More
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Levenhuk Level BASE TR20 Tripod

Floor stand. Metal. Height: 490–1400mm. Load capacity: 5kg

Levenhuk Level BASE TR20 is a three-section tripod floor stand. You can install any device or accessory with a 1/4'' thread on it. It is best suited for installing equipment for photo and video shooti...More
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