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Small Telescope Cases

Here you can find cases for small telescopes. The tube length is not more than 30 in. In every product you will find the list of Levenhuk's appropriate models that fit the chosen case.

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Levenhuk Zongo 20 Telescope Case; Small, Black description

A telescope case for storing and moving your telescope

The Levenhuk Zongo 20 Telescope Case is a simple yet efficient way to transport your telescope. If you often travel away from the city for celestial observations, this case will be indispensable for y...More
Levenhuk Zongo 60 Telescope Case; Small, Blue photo

A telescope case for storing and moving your telescope

The Levenhuk Zongo 60 Telescope Case is the perfect choice for astronomers who prefer to enjoy the starry skies away from the city lights and, therefore, have to transport their telescope to the count...More

Find a quality telescope case for safe storage and transportation of your compact telescope

Any novice telescope owner sooner or later faces one problem - how to safely transport such a delicate instrument to the observing spot. Some people live a very active lifestyle, travel a lot and always take their observing equipment with them – in this case having a quality protective case is essential. A good quality telescope case protects the instrument and its delicate optics from all the road dangers: dust, dirt, water, vibration, and mechanical damage. But others, who observe mostly from a balcony or in their own yard, might think that buying a case is just a waste of money. They are wrong – a telescope case is also a great thing for storage. When carefully packed in a telescope case, your instrument can be safely kept in a storage unit during lengthy winter months.

This section contains small telescope cases (the tube length is not more than 30 inches). Make sure to carefully check your telescope’s dimensions prior to purchase. Ensure long, secure use of your telescope with Levenhuk small telescope cases.