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Large Telescope Cases

Here you can find cases for large telescopes. The tube length is not more than 40 in. In every product you will find the list of Levenhuk's appropriate models that fit the chosen case.

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Levenhuk Zongo 40 Telescope Case; Large, Black image

A telescope case for storing and moving your telescope

The Levenhuk Zongo 40 is a large telescope case with ample space for your optical instruments. You can fit Levenhuk Skyline 70x900 EQ, Bresser National Geographic 76/700 EQ, Orion Observer 60 Altaz, o...More
Levenhuk Zongo 80 Telescope Case; Large, Blue photo

A telescope case for storing and moving your telescope

The Levenhuk Zongo 80 Telescope Case is perfect for anyone who often travels to the countryside for stargazing. It can be used with a number of telescopes, including the Levenhuk Skyline PRO 105 MAK, ...More
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Buy a capacious telescope bag for your instrument

Telescope cases collected here are designed for serious instruments! The Levenhuk Zongo 40 telescope bag is 33.5 inches long and Levenhuk Zongo 80 is almost 40 inches long! These large telescope cases are perfect for telescopes from such telescope series as Levenhuk Skyline, Skyline PRO and SkyMatic. If you have a telescope of a different brand and you’re not sure whether a particular Levenhuk telescope bag would fit, don’t hesitate to contact us here with your telescope brand and model.

Bags presented here differ not only by color, but also by design. Levenhuk Zongo 40 is a black bag with separate tripod pouch. Levenhuk Zongo 80 is one large spacious bag of contrast blue color. If both bags are suitable for your telescope model, you can choose the one more appealing to you.