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All Levenhuk Ra Eyepieces

Levenhuk Ra series offers a wide selection of additional eyepieces for your telescope. Whether it is planetary observations or deep-sky explorations – you will find the right eyepiece for the task here. The series also includes wide-FOV and zoom eyepieces.
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Levenhuk Ra 2" ED 35 mm Eyepiece description

Long focal length eyepiece. Focal length: 35 mm

Levenhuk Ra 35 mm 2" ED is a practical parfocal eyepiece with a long focal length. The optical elements are made of ED glass and are fully multi-coated, yielding, as a result, sharp and bright views of observed objects....More
Levenhuk Ra 1.25" Zoom 7.5-22.5 mm, 66-42° Eyepiece picture

Varied focal length eyepiece. Focal length: 7.5-22.5 mm

Levenhuk Ra 1.25" Zoom 7.5-22.5 mm, 66-42° is a parfocal zoom eyepiece that allows you to change focal length within the 7.5–22.5 mm range. This eyepiece is capable of completely replacing several eyepieces, which makes ...More