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Other Accessories

This section contains a wide selection of useful accessories such as compasses, umbrellas and other extras for your astronomical and microworld researches.

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Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter

Allows you to connect your smartphone to a telescope, microscope, binoculars and other optical instruments for photography

Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter is a very useful accessory for everyone interested in astrophotography, or shooting wildlife or microcosm. The adapter allows you to install any smartphone model on you...More
Discovery Smartphone Adapter DSA 10

Connects your smartphone to various optical instruments

The Discovery smartphone adapter DSA 10 is an accessory that allows for installing a smartphone on the eyepiece of a telescope, spotting scope, microscope, binoculars, and other devices. It enables yo...More
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Discovery Basics SR10 Torch

The "eternal" flashlight that works without batteries

The Discovery Basics SR10 Dynamo Flashlight is a compact flashlight that does not require batteries, rechargeable batteries, or other power sources. To power the bulbs, you have to push the lever – th...More
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Levenhuk TA10 Binoculars Tripod Adapter

For mounting binoculars on a tripod

Levenhuk TA10 Binoculars Tripod Adapter is designed for mounting binoculars on standard tripods. The adapter is made of metal. It is easily and reliably mounted and can handle loads of up to 5kg. This...More
Floating Strap for Binoculars and Cameras

Textile floating strap for binoculars, photo and video cameras. Length: 110cm

Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap is an indispensable accessory for observations close to the water. If your binoculars or your camera accidentally drop into a river or lake, this strap will not let them s...More
Levenhuk Ra 1.25'' Star Diagonal, 99% description

With dielectric coating. Reflection angle: 90°. Barrel diameter: 1.25"

Levenhuk Ra 1.25" Star Diagonal, 99% is a high-quality diagonal mirror for refractors and catadioptric telescopes that allows them to produce an upright but left-to-right mirrored image. The mirror is...More
Levenhuk Ra 2'' Star Diagonal, 99%

With dielectric coating. Reflection angle: 90°. Barrel diameter: 2"

Levenhuk Ra 2" Star Diagonal, 99% is an optical accessory that produces an upright but left-to-right mirrored image in refractors and catadioptric telescopes. This is usually required when studying te...More
Levenhuk LabZZ BC10 Bug Collector

Unusual kit for safe collecting and studying insects

Levenhuk LabZZ BC10 Bug Collector is a true discovery for a young entomologist. This tool sparks a child’s interest in the animal kingdom and the world around them. You can catch flies or spiders even...More
Levenhuk LabZZ Tellurion

A visual aid for studying astronomy and geography

Levenhuk LabZZ Tellurion is a tabletop mechanical display model of the rotation of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. The Tellurion will help kids learn why there are seasons, how the Moon phases chan...More
Levenhuk LabZZ F7 Headlight

LED. 3 working modes

The Levenhuk LabZZ F7 LED headlight comes in handy in many situations: you can use it outdoors, in the country house or at home. The angle of the light beam is adjustable within 45°. This makes the de...More
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Levenhuk LabZZ FL5 Flint Bracelet

5-in-1: rope, flint, knife, compass, and whistle

The Levenhuk FL5 Flint Bracelet is a multi-tool that every fan of hiking, wildlife and extreme environments survival is dreaming of. With the help of the five devices which the bracelet combines, you ...More
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Levenhuk LabZZ SK20 Survival Kit

Binoculars, magnifier, bug can, compass, tweezers, whistle, backpack

The Levenhuk LabZZ SK20 is a kit designed for young explorers and travelers that will make your kid feel like a real pathfinder. This kit turns an ordinary trip to the countryside or a walk in the par...More
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Levenhuk LabZZ SK30 Survival Kit

Binoculars, magnifier, bug can, bug catcher, butterfly net, compass, tweezers, whistle, two flashlights, flint survival bracelet, scribbling pad, backpack

Levenhuk LabZZ SK30 travel and wildlife research kit is designed for kids and teenagers, but it won't disappoint even the adult aspiring entomologist. The set is easy to use; all of the tools are full...More
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Levenhuk LabZZ SK40 Survival Kit

Binoculars, a magnifier, a bug can, a bug catcher, a butterfly net, a compass, tweezers, a whistle, two flashlights, two walkie-talkies, and a backpack

The Levenhuk LabZZ SK40 survival kit is perfect for first-time hikers and explorers. It includes a full-size compass, binoculars, two walkie-talkies, a signal whistle, and two flashlights: a headlight...More
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Levenhuk LabZZ SK5 Survival Kit

7-in-1: a monocular, binoculars, a spotting scope, a mirror, a magnifier, a stereoscope, and a compass. For kids 7–14 years old

Levenhuk LabZZ SK5 is a multitool set that will come in handy during a training camp trip, a team building game, and any trip to the countryside. You can use it to explore your surroundings, orient to...More
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Levenhuk LabZZ TW5 Tweezers

Entomological tool for kids

The Levenhuk LabZZ TW5 entomological tweezers are a great everyday tool for a young researcher or an adult aspiring entomologist. Professional zoologists often prefer plastic tools to metal ones: the ...More
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Levenhuk Immersion Oil, Non-fluorescent, 10ml

Applicable for oil-immersion objectives

Levenhuk Immersion Oil is perfect for performing microanalysis at high magnification using an oil-immersion objective. Apply a drop of oil to a cover glass, and then gently lower down the objective so...More
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Levenhuk Wezzer LS10 Sensor for Weather Stations

Remote sensor. Compatible with all Levenhuk Wezzer models except the Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L80 thermohygrometer

Levenhuk Wezzer LS10 is a remote sensor for weather stations that transmits data via a radio link. The sensor measures temperature and humidity levels, and its readings can be seen on the screen of th...More
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Levenhuk Wezzer LS20 Sensor for Weather Stations

Remote sensor with screen. Compatible with all Levenhuk Wezzer models except the Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L80 thermohygrometer

The Levenhuk Wezzer LS20 remote sensor operates within a wide range of temperature and humidity values. As it has a screen, the readings can be viewed directly at the spot where the sensor is installe...More
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Levenhuk Zeno Refit ZF7 Holder

Third hand holders with clamps

The Levenhuk Zeno Refit ZF7 is designed for holding mechanism details, electronic plates, large models, and any thin objects. It is practical to use for soldering, assembling and painting construction...More
Levenhuk LabZZ F3 Flashlight

Pocket LED flashlight

Levenhuk LabZZ F3 Flashlight will help a kid explore dark rooms or mysterious ruins, or orient in darkness outdoors. This tool will help you to illuminate the road and to get your bearings in darkness...More
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