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Lunar and Planetary Filters

Levenhuk filters for lunar and planetary observations are ideal for studying celestial objects in the minutest detail. Lunar filters or planetary filters block parts of the spectrum depending on filter color, so choose the one you need from our big assortment. Levenhuk Ra filters come in very useful when trying to stargaze under urban illumination conditions. These filters are capable of suppressing most of the city lights, making skies darker and enhancing the contrast of observed objects.

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Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #25 (Red) picture

For detailed lunar and planetary observations. Barrel diameter: 1.25"

Levenhuk optical filter #25 (red) has a barrel diameter of 1.25'' and transmits up to 14% of visible light. With this filter you can study celestial objects - like the Solar System planets or the Moon - in tiniest detail...More

Bring space observations to a new level – upgrade your telescope with a useful accessory. Wonderful Levenhuk filters for lunar and planetary observations will help astronomers in detailed observations of planets and nebula. Lunar filters also prevent eyestrain while studying the Moon surface in detail. Amateur astronomers can use sets of color or planetary filters in studying planetary disks with a telescope. Whatever filter you choose, you can be sure you will receive a quality Levenhuk product.