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» » » Levenhuk LabZZ SP30 Astroplanetarium White

    Levenhuk LabZZ SP30 Astroplanetarium White

    Modes: the stars, the Northern Lights, the Moon. Playing music from a smartphone. Remote control
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    Levenhuk LabZZ SP30 White is a stylish and multifunctional astroplanetarium that will impress children, teenagers, and adults. It offers a chance to admire the starry sky and the Northern Lights projected on the ceiling of your room while listening to music. Thanks to its original shape with multiple facets, the astroplanetarium resembles the gadgets from the world of science fiction - such a gift will make a big impression on the Space Saga fans. The unique design will decorate any apartment interior, entertain guests at children’s parties, and create a unique atmosphere in any room at night. You can adjust the brightness of the projections as you like.

    For maximum contrast and clarity, it is best to turn off the lights and close the curtains. Place the astroplanetarium on a flat horizontal surface at a 1.5-2 meters (5–6ft) distance from the ceiling or a white wall, and you can start the projection. For mode selection and settings, use the buttons on the front panel. An easy-to-use remote control (included) is also available. Choose what you want to project without getting off your couch: multiple stars, the Northern Lights, or the satellites of the Earth.

    Conveniently, Levenhuk LabZZ SP30 White can play music from a mobile device by connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth. You can switch songs and adjust the volume via remote control. In addition, a voice control option is available.

    Please note: the USB-port voltage of the PC is insufficient for the device to work efficiently. It is necessary to connect the device to the AC adapter (included) or a smartphone charger with a USB connector.

    Key features:

    • Colorful projections of space and polar lights to your favorite music
    • LED, laser, speaker with Bluetooth connection
    • Timer and auto-off function after 4 hours
    • Remote control or voice control to switch projections and tracks
    • When the power supply is off, the device saves your settings automatically

    The kit includes:

    • Astroplanetarium
    • USB cable (Type C)
    • Remote control
    • AC adapter
    • User manual and warranty card

    © Levenhuk, Inc.,

    Modeslaser projection of the stars, the Northern Lights mode, the Moon mode.
    Light sourceLEDs (red, blue, green, white); 523nm laser
    Optimal distance to projection1.5–2m (5–6.6ft)
    Projection trajectory, m/ftup to 80 /260
    Timer1–2 hours
    Automatic cut-offafter 4 hours
    Remote control+ (a remote control is included)
    Adjustable parametersprojection brightness, northern lights motion, music volume
    Power supplyastroplanetarium: AC adapter DC 5V, 2A (included); remote control: AAA batteries – 2pcs. (not included)
    Option to restore default settings+
    Voice control+ (via Bluetooth)
    Multimedia systembuilt–in speaker, music can be played from a smartphone, remote track switching

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