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» » » Levenhuk LabZZ FL5 Orange Flint Bracelet

    Levenhuk LabZZ FL5 Orange Flint Bracelet

    5-in-1: rope, flint, knife, compass, and whistle
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    • Country: PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
    • Warranty: 6 months
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    • Package size (LxWxH): 4.7×1.4×1.4 in (12×3.5×3.5 cm)
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    Levenhuk LabZZ FL5 Orange is a flint survival bracelet designed specifically for young travelers and explorers. This bracelet has the minimum needed for surviving and setting up a camp miles away from civilization. The tools that are built in the bracelet will be appreciated by any fan of hiking in the woods and other outdoor activities. The bright orange color makes it perfectly visible in the grass or the bush and, therefore, it won't get lost. In addition, the multifunctional clasp fixes the bracelet firmly on the wrist.

    The Levenhuk LabZZ FL5 Orange Flint Bracelet is made of a sturdy 2-meter-long (6.5 feet) paracord material. If you unwind the bracelet, the rope can be used as an individual tool in a variety of situations. The key element of the bracelet is the flint secured to a clasp and a removable firesteel. The firesteel has a sharp edge and serves as a miniature knife. The clasp is equipped with a whistle and a liquid compass with a dial that helps pinpoint the location.

    Key features:

    • A multi-tool for tourists and travelers
    • A powerful flint with a firesteel that also serves as a knife
    • After unwinding the bracelet, it can be used as a hiking rope
    • Bright orange color that won't let the accessory get lost

    Length, m (ft.) 2 (6.5)
    Materials paracord, metal, plastic
    Functionality rope, compass, knife, whistle, flint
    Compass type liquid

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