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All Levenhuk Filters

Levenhuk optical filters are compatible with any telescope models from any manufacturer and are required for detailed observations of planet surfaces, the Moon and the Sun. Observations with a filter allow for a more detailed and sharp picture due to increased contrast on a specific range of wavelengths, while the Sun observations are literally impossible without a specific solar filter.
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Levenhuk Solar Filter for 120mm Refractor Telescopes

Full aperture solar filter for safe observations of the Sun: 100/134/136 mm

Levenhuk solar filters are made using the special Baader Planetarium film of German make. With them, you can safely observe the Sun without having to worry about permanent eye damage. ...More
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Levenhuk Solar Filter for 105mm MAK Telescopes

Full aperture solar filter for safe observations of the Sun: 70/117/120 mm

The Sun is one of the most interesting and exciting things to observe in the sky. But it’s important to remember that monitoring solar activity always requires a protective filter! Special solar apert...More
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Levenhuk Solar Filter for 130mm Reflector Telescopes

Full aperture solar filter for safe observations of the Sun: 115/146/152 mm

Exciting observations of the Sun with Levenhuk Solar Filter for 130mm Reflector Telescopes! This filter will help you learn all aspects of solar activity; and observe faculae, sunspots, and solar gran...More
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Reach maximum efficiency with Levenhuk filter for telescope!

Optical filters belong to the group of accessories that can significantly improve the capabilities of your telescope and show you things that you wouldn’t be able to witness without using them. Optical filters transmit light of specific wavelength and suppress light with other lengths of waves. Due to that, the images of objects chosen for observation have more contrast and become highly detailed. Certain filter for telescope (of certain color) is more appropriate for observing one or another celestial object than other filters of different colors. The recommendations on using the more suitable telescope filter can be found on our site and through other astronomy sources.

Also provided for each optical filter is the aperture that is recommended to be used with it. Since observing different planets and other objects of celestial sphere requires different filters for telescopes it is best to plan prior the observation what kind of filters you are going to need and buy the entire set at once, since it is a lot easier and more comfortable (all filters come in one box convenient for storing and transporting) and also more economical. This section contains three of these sets including two, four and eight different optical filters.

Another important group of optical filters presented in this category is solar filters. Observing the Sun is quite dangerous, and telescope solar filters are made to prevent any possible damage to the observer’s eyesight. This section contains a variety of solar filters that differ by the aperture of telescopes they can be used with, so you can always find the one that will fit your telescope. Using the Levenhuk telescope solar filter will allow you to safely observe the surface of the Sun and receive high-quality detailed images of neutral color.

All Levenhuk telescope filters are produced using only high-quality materials so they don't reduce the quality of images provided by your telescope.