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All Levenhuk Barlow Lenses

The Levenhuk Barlow Lenses increases the focal ratio, or the magnification, of the standard eyepiece in any telescope. It has a multilayer anti-reflective coating. The piece can be used for general observation purposes as well as for photography.

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Give your telescope a power boost with Levenhuk Barlow Lenses!

Barlow lenses were invented in the 19th century by English mathematician Peter Barlow and since then these lenses have been considered the most popular and useful accessories for any astronomer whether amateur or professional.

With the help of this concave (negative) lens you can significantly increase the magnification power of your telescope. For instance, if you have a standard telescope eyepiece that provides 50x magnification, by using 2x Barlow lens you can increase its power to 100x.

Our shop has a wide assortment of Barlow lenses with different increase capabilities: 2x Barlow lens, 2,5x Barlow lens, 3x Barlow lens and the most powerful 5x Barlow lens. The achromatic lens has a multilayer anti-reflective coating that provides high-quality images with no aberration.

Levenhuk Barlow Lenses can be used for general observation purposes as well as for astrophotography. Most of them have a 1.25" barrel diameter so you can use them with practically all telescope models of any brand.