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Achromatic Barlow Lenses

An achromatic Barlow lens is designed to reduce the effects of chromatic aberrations. Choose the one you need from Levenhuk’s assortment.

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Levenhuk Barlow lenses – fully-multicoated achromatic lenses for the best views

Barlow lens is one of the most useful accessories for telescopes, which every keen astronomer should have in their arsenal. Barlow lens is the easiest way to increase the magnification of your telescope two, three or even more times. As you probably know, when using Barlow lenses, we have to pay for quick additional magnification with loss of image quality. To make the loss in quality a little less significant, Levenhuk Barlow lenses collected here have achromatic lenses with full multilayer coating. Barlow lenses are also very useful accessories for astrophotography. Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens with Camera Adapter is absolutely indispensable for all astrophotography enthusiasts.

You should remember that Barlow lenses have different barrel diameters, so not just any Barlow lens will fit your telescope. On this page you can find and buy achromatic lenses designed for both 1.25” and 2” telescopes. Upgrade your telescope with wonderful achromatic Barlow lenses.